CREBake's features help you quickly find properties

Browsing Loopnet and typing into Excel (or writing in your notebook) side-by-side are a thing of the past. You no longer need to do as much manual work while looking for commercial real estate.

Surf Loopnet's Property Listings and Property Descriptions pages, and CREBake will detect when there's enough useful information to calculate important commercial real estate metrics. If there is, a button appears so you can get a quick result and save to a spreadsheet for further research.

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    Enter your qualifying metrics

    Every commercial real estate investor is different. You might have more money for a down payment, you might have less. You might have a bank that loves to work with you and allows a lower Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR). You may need a higher Net Operating Income (NOI) to support your family.

    Whatever you need, fill it in to start the process. Current settings include:

    • loan-to-value ratio
    • mortgage rate
    • amortization period
    • minimum debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) your bank needs
    • maximum down payment you can afford
    • minimum net operating income (NOI) you can live with
    Crebake metrics settings
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    Browse Loopnet like you usually do

    As you search, you will see CREBake's "Check Metrics" button pop up. It appears where there's enough information to calculate some metrics.

    Check metrics button
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    One click and you see if it fits!

    You'll get a quick checkmark if the Loopnet commercial real estate listing fits. Calculations include:

    • debt service coverage ratio (DSCR)
    • the actual down payment needed 
    • the expected monthly payment
    • the resulting net operating income (NOI) in the first year

    Of course, this may not be all the info you need, so you can then click into the Loopnet listing description to learn more and save the information.

    Crebake results
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    Save the property for future review

    Many real estate investors will do a quick review and then go back later. With CREBake, you've already done your first review. Now you can save the information and discuss it with your team as you prepare to reach out to the broker.

    CREBake detects, calculates, and saves the following information:

    • building size
    • land size
    • price
    • cap rate
    • net operating income (NOI)
    • down payment
    • monthly payment
    • debt service coverage ratio (DSCR)
    • net operating income (NOI) after debt
    • broker name
    • broker contact information
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    Download the results

    If you like, you can download the properties you've reviewed and share them with your team.

Find commercial properties faster with CREBake and Loopnet

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