LoopNet Alternatives for Commercial Real Estate Buyers

updated on 01 February 2023

LoopNet is a popular commercial real estate marketplace for finding and leasing commercial properties. It offers a wide range of property information, including photos, floor plans, and financials, as well as access to a network of commercial real estate brokers.

LoopNet is huge - it’s the second-largest database of commercial properties, making it the first place most real estate buyers and investors go when buying properties. (The largest is CoStar, which the same parent company owns.)

As with any tool, LoopNet may not always be the best fit for every user. Some investors and businesses may seek alternatives to LoopNet that offer more specialized features, lower costs, or a personalized experience. Let’s explore some of the top LoopNet alternatives available in the market and discuss their features, prices, and how they compare to LoopNet.

If you're in a hurry, here are the main conclusions from our research:

  1. Continue to use LoopNet for most of your sourcing.
  2. Add the CREBake Chrome Extension for LoopNet to your browser to quickly find properties that are right for you and save information for diligence and outreach.
  3. Use Crexi and RealNex Marketplace as additional places to find commercial real estate to buy.
  4. Consider Reonomy as you expand into off-market deals and diligence about an area.
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Reasons to Find an Alternative

There are several reasons why someone might look for an alternative to LoopNet:

Cost: LoopNet offers different pricing plans, but they can be expensive, especially for small investors or businesses. Some alternatives may provide similar features at a lower cost, making them more accessible to a broader range of users.

Features: LoopNet offers a wide range of features and tools, but some users may find that other platforms offer more specialized features that better suit their needs. For example, some platforms may focus more on office spaces and flexible office solutions or may offer more advanced analytics and investment tools.

Location: LoopNet covers properties across the United States, but some platforms may focus on specific regions or cities. These sites can benefit users looking for properties in specific locations and wanting to connect with professionals in those areas.

Niche Market: LoopNet is a well-established platform, but it tries to cover all the commercial real estate submarkets: office, industrial and warehouses, retail, multifamily, and land. Some alternative platforms focus on specific niches, such as land, farms, rural properties, or small and medium-sized commercial properties.

Personalized Experience: Some alternative platforms use artificial intelligence to match users with properties that fit their criteria. These options can provide a more customized experience for the users and help them find properties that fit their specific needs faster.

CREBake, a Chrome extension for LoopNet, helps you find properties that match your criteria faster. It uses the financial metrics you provide and the properties you review to learn what you like about commercial real estate listings. It can help you find properties faster and build your real estate empire more quickly.

Make your experience faster and find properties to buy faster using CREBake for LoopNet today.

The Top LoopNet Alternatives

✅ Crexi vs. LoopNet

Crexi is a real LoopNet alternative because it is also a commercial real estate marketplace that allows buyers to search and find properties for sale or lease. It provides detailed property information, including photos, floor plans, and financials, as well as access to a network of commercial real estate professionals.

Crexi is newer than LoopNet, though, so it has fewer listings.  For example, their website currently says it has 130,000 properties for sale, while LoopNet claims 1,000,000+.  Other than that, though, the two are the same if you are a commercial real estate buyer.

If you are looking for commercial real estate to buy, Crexi is free.

✅ RealNex Marketplace vs. LoopNet

RealNex Marketplace is a commercial real estate marketplace like LoopNet.  They claim to have about 200,000 listings available for sale, and it gets inventory from the brokerages which use their RealNex platform.

This limitation does mean it’s smaller than LoopNet, but the search capabilities are excellent.  Along with the standard searches, you can filter by MSA, streets, zoning, and more.

If you are looking for commercial real estate to buy, RealNex Marketplace is free.

✅ Reonomy vs. LoopNet

Reonomy is a commercial real estate data and analytics platform to help commercial real estate professionals make informed decisions.  Unlike LoopNet, it provides data on all commercial real estate, not just properties currently for sale.  Of course, real estate buyers and investors have to pay for this privilege:

  • $49/month for individual licenses

Reonomy is different - you focus on an area and filter by the type of property you would like to purchase, and its “AI” helps you find properties that might be for sale and in your market.

✅ CommercialCafe vs. LoopNet

CommercialCafe is owned by Yardi, and it does a better job of competing with LoopNet.  It is about ⅕ the size of LoopNet’s commercial sale listings, with 200,000 properties listed nationwide.  However, its search capabilities are much more basic, and it looks like most listings are duplicates of LoopNet.

Using CommercialCafe to search for and buy commercial real estate is free.

✅ OfficeSpace vs. LoopNet

OfficeSpace competes with LoopNet as a commercial real estate marketplace.  It focuses on finding a space to lease, but the search does allow you to find properties of all types for sale.  So it’s not as niche as you might expect.

It’s smaller than LoopNet, with about 110,000 listings for sale in the US.  The inventory seems to come from big brokerage companies like JLL, CBRE, and Colliers.  Also, its real estate search capabilities are basic.

If you are buying commercial real estate, OfficeSpace is free to use.

✅ Brevitas vs. LoopNet

Brevitas is a commercial real estate platform that provides a marketplace for buying and selling commercial properties.  It competes with LoopNet.

It is smaller, with about 80,000 listings.  However, it has a growing base of brokers who list here and has one awesome feature.  You can specify what you are looking for so brokers can reach out and fulfill your need.

Searching is free, so add it to your places to check for commercial real estate buying.  As an active investor, though, you’ll want to upgrade to a paid plan to get “unlimited wants,” better search, and better data access:

  • $29 / month

⛔️ CIMLS vs. LoopNet

CIMLS (Commercial Information Management and Listing Service) is a commercial real estate marketplace like LoopNet.

It’s smaller than LoopNet, and the search functionality is very basic.

⛔️ QuantumListing vs. LoopNet

QuantumListing is a commercial real estate platform that competes with LoopNet.  It’s much smaller, though, and seems to be run by a small company trying to increase its listing base.

For the busy commercial real estate buyer or investor, it doesn’t offer any helpful tools to move away from LoopNet.

QuantumListing is free to use if you are a buyer.

⛔️ 42Floors vs. LoopNet

42Floors is a commercial real estate platform that competes with LoopNet.  Its focus, however, is on providing tenants access to spaces for lease.

So if you are a commercial real estate buyer or investor, this isn’t the site for you.

42Floors is free to use if you are buying commercial real estate.

One final note is that Yardi Systems, another commercial real estate data giant like The CoStar Group, own it.

⛔️ TotalCommercial vs. LoopNet

TotalCommercial competes with LoopNet as a commercial real estate marketplace, but it’s tiny.  For example, it has only nine listings for all of California.

If you are buying commercial real estate and searching for properties, it’s free to use.

⛔️ Digsy vs. LoopNet

Digsy focuses on helping tenants find a space for lease.  A small component of its site focuses on commercial real estate properties for sale, but its search is minimal and not much value to buyers and investors.

You may see mentions of an intelligent assistant service, but that seems focused on potential tenants looking for a space.

Digsy is free to use if you are searching for properties for sale.

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LoopNet Alternatives that are owned by CoStar

The CoStar Group owns LoopNet, and, it turns out, it also owns a few “competitors” you may see referenced online: CityFeet, Showcase, Land and Farm, and CoStar itself.

The CoStar Group makes most of its money from brokers, so it doesn’t release many tools to help you, the commercial real estate buyer and investor.  This lack of personalization means the sites will not “learn” while you look at listings or provide filtering based on your financing options.  That’s why commercial real estate buyers like you will need something like CREBake to help you filter LoopNet listings faster.

⚠️ CoStar vs. LoopNet

If you are a professional and want access to the most listings, then you have to sign up for a CoStar subscription, which seems to be tiered:

  • $400-500 / month for access to a single market (individual buyers and investors)
  • $1500 / month for access to the whole country (brokerage)

Note how CoStar doesn’t tell you pricing.  You have to contact them to find out what rate they want to give you.

Once you use CoStar, you’ll see it looks much like LoopNet.  The big difference is that you’ll see more listings, and they will appear here first.  This occurs because the brokers who use the CoStar platform put information into CoStar and then decide whether they want to pay extra to place it on LoopNet, Showcase, Land and Farm, or CityFeet.

You can also get more historical information about sold and off-market listings on CoStar.

⚠️ CityFeet vs. LoopNet

⚠️ Showcase vs. LoopNet

CityFeet and Showcase are different ways to view the same data on LoopNet and CoStar. You might find one looks prettier than another - it’s a personal preference. 

⚠️ Land and Farm vs. LoopNet

Land and Farm is a niche commercial real estate marketplace. It focuses on rural land in the US. If this is your focus as a commercial real estate investor, you should check out this LoopNet alternative. Its listings are better than what you will find on LoopNet alone, as it claims to have over 600,000 listings for sale.

⚠️ Ten-X vs. LoopNet

Guess what?  The CoStar Group also owns Ten-X!

Unlike CoStar, LoopNet, CityFeet, Land and Farm, and Showcase, Ten-X is focused on handling the whole commercial real estate transaction process, not just finding properties.  Here’s what they say:

“Ten-X takes the hassle, stress, and uncertainty out of buying commercial real estate. As the leading end-to-end transaction platform, Ten-X offers buyers access to new opportunities and a simplified transaction.”

Ten-X shows you the commercial real estate auctions that they are handling.  As a result, you will:

  • pay a 0.5-5% transaction fee if you end up buying a property on Ten-X
  • see much fewer properties for the whole country (200 on a recent day) 

LoopNet Alternatives that are for brokers

⛔️ Real Capital Analytics (RCA) vs. LoopNet

Real Capital Analytics (RCA) is a commercial real estate data and analytics platform as well.  Unlike LoopNet, it provides data on all commercial real estate worldwide, mainly in the USA, Europe, and East Asia. RCA does help you dig into local regions here, but this is not for commercial real estate buyers like us.  It’s for institutional investors with teams of data scientists.

As a result, it costs a lot - you have to negotiate with their sales team to buy a subscription.

⛔️ Catylist vs. LoopNet

Catylist is a platform for commercial real estate brokerages.  It helps realtor and broker teams track all listings and research properties in their areas.  For example, you can use this software to find sale and lease availability and learn about properties that are not for sale but may be available off-market.

Catylist is only meant for buyers if they are at an institutional investment office.

This focus on offices means the pricing is very high and negotiated by a sales team.

LoopNet Alternatives that are really helpful tools

🧰 CREBake vs. LoopNet

We’ve built CREBake to be a helpful assistant while you use LoopNet.  While you search the commercial real estate listings for what you want to buy, the CREBake Chrome Extension for LoopNet reads the property listing, saves essential information, and calculates your cash flow based on metrics you set.  The extension helps you search faster and perform better broker outreach as you prepare an LOI and close on a commercial property purchase.

Find out more and download CREBake for LoopNet for free.

🧰 CompStak vs. LoopNet 

CompStak is a commercial real estate information platform that focuses on lease information and sales and property information.  It has a proprietary dataset about lease comparables, lease terms, and market trends.

So while you may see it listed as an alternative, CompStak complements the information you find on LoopNet.  LoopNet is a marketplace, while CompStak is lease and sales information to help you do smarter due diligence.

In fact, for small commercial real estate buyers and investors, CompStak is effectively free.  If you are willing to share information about the leases you control, you can get access to the ones CompStak has in your interest area.

🧰 PropertyShark vs. LoopNet

PropertyShark is a commercial real estate data platform focusing on property and owner information.  It’s best for your investment strategy if you are looking at properties in a specific area and hoping to develop an off-market deal.

As a result, it’s an excellent tool for commercial real estate buying, but only if you are actively prospecting.

PropertyShark pricing is transparent on their website, starting at $59.95/month.

Note that Yardi Systems owns PropertyShark as well.

🧰 TheBrokerList vs. LoopNet

TheBrokerList is a search engine for brokers. If you are buying commercial real estate, you won’t find properties here.  Instead, you can connect with brokers and try to find professionals who can help you find your next property. You can specify your “wants” to help with broker outreach.

LoopNet alternatives that are not for commercial real estate buying

You might find other posts that talk about the following companies, but they are not likely for you.  Here are a few:

⛔️ Xceligent references are still found online, but the company closed in 2017.

⛔️ RealMassive disappeared in 2020, and it’s hard to find out why.

⛔️ Truss shut down in 2020, and it focused on internal documentation for commercial real estate brokers.  It’s not for buyers.

⛔️ Rofo is for those who are looking to lease a space.  It’s not for real estate investors looking to buy a new property.

⛔️ TheSquareFoot is for those who are looking for office space to lease.

Wrap Up

Many LoopNet alternatives are not replacements for LoopNet.  The listings are a subset of what you will find on LoopNet... and CoStar.

So for the commercial real estate investor, the best results will come if you continue to work with your local brokers and surf LoopNet.

Adding the CREBake Chrome extension for LoopNet will help you find suitable properties and brokers faster.

From there, spend time surfing the information on Crexi and RealNex Marketplace to find a few new listings.  And if you have the budget, sign up for Reonomy for market data and intelligence.

About the Author

Aamir Virani is a commercial real estate investor focused on NNN properties in the Houston MSA.  He is part of a real estate group that heavily uses LoopNet, and so he built the CREBake Chrome extension for LoopNet to assess properties more quickly and share with his broker.

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